The top six family activities in the George and Wilderness area

The Garden Route: South Africa’s greenest stretch of coastline overlooked by an endless body of mountains and lush native flora; voted by NatGeo as one of the best destinations to visit the whole world over… This attractive piece of South African paradise offers an array of activities for family holidays (even if you’re a family of one!)

Garden Route Attractions and Outdoor Adventures

Redberry Strawberry Picking George

Redberry Farm

A family affair

Pick-­‐your-­‐own strawberries, the largest maze in the Southern Hemisphere, artesian eateries, craft beer, wine and did we mention strawberry daiquiri’s? Animals to entertain, steam trains, pedal go-­‐carting… the list goes on! This family-­‐owned strawberry farm has a whole lot of heart and makes for an affordable family day out. Plus the strawberry picking is pretty romantic if it’s an outing for two…

The maze takes about an hour (young kids may need to be carried, but the stamp collection usually keeps them engaged), and the rest is all at your own leisure based. A seven-­‐minute drive from the airport in the direction of Fancourt.

Canoes or Kayaks on Kaaimans River

Canoeing at Kaaimans

A proper Garden Route experience

If it’s nature you seek, let’s just say that we think you have reached the peak! Set aside at least 5 hours to fully enjoy it all. A very do-­‐able paddle alongside thick greenery and chirping birds. Pack a picnic. There are rocks to climb and waterfalls to jump from. Don’t forget your sunscreen, a waterproof bag for your camera and if you’re a rock climber, a pair of good grip shoes. Situated at the foot of Kaaimans pass, underneath the bridge. R150 per person per hour.

Railway Museum George

Spoorweg Museum & Power Van

For the rainy days – an indoor activity in the Garden Route

A prestigious preservation of South Africa’s railway history, including steam trains, vintage cars and periodic railway décor. Kids will enjoy faux driving the vintage mobiles and the 2 hour 30 minute power van excursion out to Great Brak River.

Museum entrance R20 for adults, R10 for kids. Power van is R150 for adults, R130 for kids (advanced booking essential). Pack a picnic! The museum is 4km inland from the mall.

Canyoning In Garden Route

Fearless Canyon Adventures

Abseil your fears away

It all goes down (quite literally – yourself included!) along the Robberg Peninsula and cliff face in the magnificent Plettenberg Bay. The highest abseiling set-­‐up in the Garden Route. While you’re harnessed to a rope, feet planted on the cliff, you’ll get to take in the view of a lifetime as qualified instructors offer all the support and safety you’ll need on your way down. And what goes down should come up, right? Well, there’s rock climbing on offer too! Dress in hiking gear, pack a warm top, sunscreen and hat, and don’t forget your sense of adventure!

Cost to abseil is R850 per person and includes all transport, equipment, a SUP outing and GoPro footage. Lunch is an additional and optional R150. Getting back up the cliff face will set you back R900. Go on! Face your fears. There is an array of Garden Route adventure activities on offer with Fearless Canyon Adventures… Findthem across the road from The Wilderness Hotel.

Learning To Surf During Birthday Party Victoria Bay

Inn Victori – Kids Camp

A Garden Route family holiday winner!

On a family holiday in the Garden Route and keen to really have a holiday? Inn Victori Kids Camp can make that dream a reality! Surf lessons, beach games, sustainability days and an opportunity to meet other kids from around the world. A three-­‐day surf camp for kids that will equip your children with surfing skills and tips appropriate for their current level, plus valued knowledge of and a deep respect for the ocean and its tides, the wind and swell. Winter or summer, rain or sun, Inn Victori will keep them entertained and having fun!

Prices start from R850 per camp and are inclusive of a surfboard, wetsuit, a yoga class and snacks suitable for the season! Winter camps: 9-­‐1pm, 1-­‐3 July and 8-­‐11 July 2019. Summer dates to be released soon. You’ll find Inn Victori 300m after the turn-­‐off to Victoria Bay from the N2 towards Wilderness.

Fairy Cruises at Ebb and Flow

Going with the flow

If you’re looking for things to do in Wilderness, this tranquil offering is an affordable and captivating way to take in the Garden Route’s natural beauty. For an hour-­‐and-­‐ a-­‐half you’ll cruise along the reed-­‐lined Touw River, transition into dense forest and emerge at the Wilderness river mouth. In-­‐between it all, you’ll enter into the world of birds and if you’re lucky see some jumping fish. R170 for adults; R100 for kids, refreshments included. Pack your camera, binoculars and a warm top. Booking in advance is advised. Take the Dumbleton Crescent turn off from the N2 and follow the signs!



Genuinely Fraudulent Ep. 1 – Inn Victori’s Guide to Faking It

Becoming a master in any skill is a huge challenge. American writer and journalist Malcolm Gladwell mercilessly proclaimed that the time taken to reach world-class expertise in any given discipline is approximately 10,000 hours of practice with the correct technique. Many say that Malcolm’s findings were iconic, paving the way for future research; I say, maybe he was just a slow learner?

Okay, of course, we all want to be popping Alley-Oops off the lip like John John Florence, or drawing searing carves on the face like Jordy Smith, but 10,000 hours of practice? Nah, come on bru. Do you really think Filipe Toledo can wash his pants, pick the kids up from school, cook and clean, all the while maintaining that strict 10,000-hour training regime? Not a chance, so how are these surfers so good?

What many don’t realise is that you do not get good at surfing simply by practicing, the key to surfing mastery lies almost solely with successfully smuggling your way through surfing’s customs office. These 3 simple steps, combined, possibly, with a series of beginner surf lessons, will send you on your way to earning that fast-track ticket to surfing stardom. If you want to know legitimate, tried and tested industry secrets to becoming the best, genuinely fraudulent surfer you can be, read on.

1. The ‘Extended Surf-Check’

The extended surf check will add an invaluable string to your surfing bow. The key is to prolong your observation of the waves for as long as possible. Complaining over the number of tourists in the water, calling your friends to tell them that it’s, “Absolutely firing” whilst pointing at the waves and screaming “Yussus! Big set’s brewing boys!” Will add to the legitimacy of your surf check. Once you’ve pushed the length of the surf check for as long as you dare, it is critical that you restrict your time in the water to no longer than twenty-five minutes, for risk of your skills actually being noticed. Exiting the water with wet hair, saying “Heck buddy, that inside section is really standing up” is all that’s required at this point.

2. The ‘Go to Bali’

When entering into any conversation with another rival surfer, it’s an excellent idea to have “Yeah, I just got back from Bali, actually” on stand-by at all times. Failing to slip this little gem into the conversation will throw up some serious red flags in regards to your surfer credibility. If you haven’t been to Bali yet, it’s a nice trick to just say that you have anyway.

3. The ‘Insta Deception’

Upload regular photos of good surfers ripping. Now, There are a few essential components of this strategy. High quality images are not a smart choice, you want to do everything you can to leave the identity of the surfer in the photograph anonymous in the hope that people think it could be you. This is a very similar technique I learnt from using Tinder; maintain that air of mystery, and never reveal your true identity. Caption your image with “Heavy waves today”, or something equally ambiguous and you’re well on your way to a successful deception.

There you have it. Your first 3 steps towards the ultimate deception. Stay tuned throughout this blog to continue developing your skills and soon you’ll see those 10,000 hours of practice are just the fools way to becoming a true surfing icon.



Wave Pools Make Me Schizophrenic

Recently I was sitting in a small Portuguese cafe, sipping on another mediocre Galão, when a toddler starts to cry; irritating, but a commonly accepted occurrence of human life (even if my mother does insist that I never cried as a baby). The mother’s response to her child’s wails was not to gather him into her arms and mutter reassuring words, but to slide an iPad into the toddler’s eye line with the hope that the pretty dancing pictures will resolve the trauma. Of course, it worked and he was soon lulled into a hypnotic trance. This got me thinking a bit about nature, technology, and ultimately, fucking wave pools.

It’s in our nature, isn’t it? To disregard what is natural in the name of convenience. Got a headache? A couple of glasses of water and a lie down could do the trick, but why go to all that hassle when you can just as quickly neck a spoon of Calpol, three Paracetamols and sell your soul to the pharmaceutical industry? Now I’m no hippy. I believe in science, medicine, and technology just as much as the next guy, yet, I am consistently pulled towards the true power of the human mind and body, and how we allow this power to manifest. How can we possibly remain in contact with nature, calmly treading water, whilst humanity madly thrashes towards those jagged rocks on the shore?

What better example is there of mankind’s diminishing connection with nature than the wave pool? I read this quote recently from Surfland in Brazil: “People love to surf and, at places like Surfland Brasil, they can stay in their own apartment and enjoy guaranteed waves with their family and friends in a natural and safe environment”. What’s going on? I always had natural down as a challenging trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, not shopping around for some Calvin Klein briefs, followed by an ice-cold elderflower pressé and a quick dip in the manmade wave machine. Ah, maybe I’m just old fashioned.

Think of the convenience, Rich. Perfect waves, nobody dropping in, peeling lefts, glassy rights, barrel sections, steep sections – a surfer’s dream. Are you trying to tell these people that you wouldn’t jump at the opportunity of a one week all-inclusive at the Surf Ranch? Besides, you’d look great in a pair of those tighty whities too.

Surfing taught me a few things: To respect and appreciate nature, to expect the unexpected, to submit to the rhythm of mother earth, and to hate stand-up-paddle boarding. “A place where summer never ends” Is the slogan of choice for one new wave pool set to appear in Virginia Beach in 2020. If a never-ending summer is what you want then great! Let’s continue to spend millions developing mega surfing condos instead of protecting our ailing ecosystem.

Mmmm, kooks in the front, intermediates in the middle, and pros at the back. That’s what i like, a very clearly divided surfing class system. Keep Poo Stance Pete out of my way whilst I tear apart this dreamy wall. You want a bit more size, Rich? No worries, just crank up the size-o-meter a few notches. You’re fully in control.

Shit man, I don’t know. This really gets me up on my soapbox. The only thing is, I’ve got an angel in one ear and the devil in the other. The unpredictability of surfing is what keeps me hooked. I wake up in the morning guessing at how the waves are going to be that day. Sometimes my prayers are answered, sometimes not. A wave pool to me is just the same as handing that screaming child the iPad, convenient, just too easy.

I just checked the surf, there are no waves today… Shit, If only there was a place with perfect waves every day!




Tired of Googling restaurants near me and end up munching on food in the town’s local mall? Well, we know all too well what that feels like! So we’ve drawn up a list of all the places and spaces you must munch at during your stay in the Garden Route.

Your best restaurants in George and Wilderness are… (drum roll please)

Salina’s Beach Restaurant

Well, the name says it all… Over looking the sandy shores of Wilderness beach, this restaurant serves everything from seafood, to tapas and juicy steaks. A laid-back and sophisticated atmosphere with a wide selection of wines and a lengthly cocktail menu. Plus they care about your view too. You can look at their live view on their website before you head out for a bit to eat!

Check out their menu here.
Reservations advised.

The Fat Fish

The only thing fat about this place is that they may have you hooked and coming back for more! Excellent service and even tastier food. Baby squid, tempura prawns and some seared Norwegian salmons just to name a few…The Fat Fish specializes in seafood, sushi and tapas. Meat and vegetarian dishes available too for those not so keen on sea finds.

Situated in the centre of George, as well as in Plettenberg Bay. Check out their menu and an option to make a reservation online here.

The Girl’s on the Square

If you’re moving through the Garden Route on recommendation from a friend, then we are pretty sure that you’ve heard about The Girl’s. They’ve been celebrated as one of the best casual dining spots in the Garden Route since 2008 and their award winning food certainly lives up to all it’s made out to be! With plenty of African inspired cuisine and a wine list that has taken home countess awards, we seriously advise booking in advance to enjoy this humble Wilderness gem. Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Find there website here.

Fláva Café

Sister restaurant to the infamous Girl’s, and a delicious, affordable South African dining experience. Dare we say one of the best restaurants in Wilderness?! An absolute treat to the taste buds is all we can say! Their food tastes as good as it looks and their service lives up to it all too. If you’re traveling from aboard, be sure to try out South Africa’s national dish, Bobotie. Fláva is a child friendly restaurant too, with vegan and vegetarian options available.

Find there website here.


If Italy could exist in a town outside of itself, this is what it would taste like! An Italian own restaurant that lives up to its promises of Italian cuisine. Found on the streets of Wilderness like a true Italian, with tables caressing the outskirts of the walkway and pavement. Thin-crust pizzas make their way to tables every five minutes and the scent of pasta wafts through the air. It’s hard to control yourself when in Italy. But you know what they say. When in Roma, do as the Romans do… and enjoy! Kids friendly and affordable.

Find there website here.

Pure Crafts and Food

The perfect spot for groups or a family with a varying palette. They offer sushi, seafood, pizzas, platters, salads and the most scrumptious home-made burgers (always a favourite with the kids). An unassuming set-up on one of George’s main streets. Easily accessible, affordable and a tasty experience to say the least! Open for lunch and into the late hours of the evening.

Find there website here.

Guesthouse Inn Victori

A celebration of cultures is how we would describe the Inn Victori kitchen, with an array of African, European and Malaysian dishes on offer. All their ingredients are sourced from local gardens in the Garden Route community and their meals are largely plant-based. In the summertime, when the weather is fine, you’ll find Inn Victori team basking in the sun as they treat their guests to their succulent delicacy: Snoek on the braai, served up with a harvest of salads, soet patat and other South African dishes. All dishes and their restaurant are reserved for guests staying in the Inn Victori guest house. Make a plan to get yourself there. It’s a meal with a view, overlooking the Garden Route’s iconic mountain range!

Find there website here.

101 Meade Street

A refined African dining experience, offering you luxury and a taste of African tradition through décor as much as through food! One foot in the door and you’ll feel as if you’ve transported to a luxury game lodge. Gin trolleys maneuver around the floor for informed tastings, beautiful African art graces your eyes and the service is exceptional too. A little on the pricey side, but very much worth the splurge! Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Perfect for a romantic night out or a catch up with old and new friends. Booking is advised.

Find there website here.