Nov 18, 2019


Tired of Googling restaurants near me and end up munching on food in the town’s local mall? Well, we know all too well what that feels like! So we’ve drawn up a list of all the places and spaces you must munch at during your stay in the Garden Route.

Your best restaurants in George and Wilderness are… (drum roll please)

Salina’s Beach Restaurant

Well, the name says it all… Over looking the sandy shores of Wilderness beach, this restaurant serves everything from seafood, to tapas and juicy steaks. A laid-back and sophisticated atmosphere with a wide selection of wines and a lengthly cocktail menu. Plus they care about your view too. You can look at their live view on their website before you head out for a bit to eat!

Check out their menu here.
Reservations advised.

The Fat Fish

The only thing fat about this place is that they may have you hooked and coming back for more! Excellent service and even tastier food. Baby squid, tempura prawns and some seared Norwegian salmons just to name a few…The Fat Fish specializes in seafood, sushi and tapas. Meat and vegetarian dishes available too for those not so keen on sea finds.

Situated in the centre of George, as well as in Plettenberg Bay. Check out their menu and an option to make a reservation online here.

The Girl’s on the Square

If you’re moving through the Garden Route on recommendation from a friend, then we are pretty sure that you’ve heard about The Girl’s. They’ve been celebrated as one of the best casual dining spots in the Garden Route since 2008 and their award winning food certainly lives up to all it’s made out to be! With plenty of African inspired cuisine and a wine list that has taken home countess awards, we seriously advise booking in advance to enjoy this humble Wilderness gem. Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Find there website here.

Fláva Café

Sister restaurant to the infamous Girl’s, and a delicious, affordable South African dining experience. Dare we say one of the best restaurants in Wilderness?! An absolute treat to the taste buds is all we can say! Their food tastes as good as it looks and their service lives up to it all too. If you’re traveling from aboard, be sure to try out South Africa’s national dish, Bobotie. Fláva is a child friendly restaurant too, with vegan and vegetarian options available.

Find there website here.


If Italy could exist in a town outside of itself, this is what it would taste like! An Italian own restaurant that lives up to its promises of Italian cuisine. Found on the streets of Wilderness like a true Italian, with tables caressing the outskirts of the walkway and pavement. Thin-crust pizzas make their way to tables every five minutes and the scent of pasta wafts through the air. It’s hard to control yourself when in Italy. But you know what they say. When in Roma, do as the Romans do… and enjoy! Kids friendly and affordable.

Find there website here.

Pure Crafts and Food

The perfect spot for groups or a family with a varying palette. They offer sushi, seafood, pizzas, platters, salads and the most scrumptious home-made burgers (always a favourite with the kids). An unassuming set-up on one of George’s main streets. Easily accessible, affordable and a tasty experience to say the least! Open for lunch and into the late hours of the evening.

Find there website here.

Guesthouse Inn Victori

A celebration of cultures is how we would describe the Inn Victori kitchen, with an array of African, European and Malaysian dishes on offer. All their ingredients are sourced from local gardens in the Garden Route community and their meals are largely plant-based. In the summertime, when the weather is fine, you’ll find Inn Victori team basking in the sun as they treat their guests to their succulent delicacy: Snoek on the braai, served up with a harvest of salads, soet patat and other South African dishes. All dishes and their restaurant are reserved for guests staying in the Inn Victori guest house. Make a plan to get yourself there. It’s a meal with a view, overlooking the Garden Route’s iconic mountain range!

Find there website here.

101 Meade Street

A refined African dining experience, offering you luxury and a taste of African tradition through décor as much as through food! One foot in the door and you’ll feel as if you’ve transported to a luxury game lodge. Gin trolleys maneuver around the floor for informed tastings, beautiful African art graces your eyes and the service is exceptional too. A little on the pricey side, but very much worth the splurge! Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Perfect for a romantic night out or a catch up with old and new friends. Booking is advised.

Find there website here.